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if you want to know how the beautiful game of football should be played, just look at him on the pitch - pure class, excellent technique, silky touch and moves!

his game is like a showcasing of art =)

so it's no wonder why i (and i know most of you do) love him and just can't get enough of him - he's such a joy to watch!

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David’s WAG.

IDK how to feel about this. I can’t..

Granny Silva FTW!

Silva makes everything much more easy in the final meters. He knows the holes that mortals can’t see and give the pass.
David Villa (via s86410)

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SILVILLA <3 <3 <3

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I might have yelled “Dav- what the hell.” when they filmed the bench because…. Well.

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- 2015 PFA Player of the Year Award: ripped jeans, Marilyn Monroe t-shirt, backwards baseball cap

- 2018 Champions League Downing Street Reception: Marlon Brando hoodie (hood up), backwards baseball cap

- 2020 Testimonial Dinner: white shirt (XXS), the same ripped jeans from 2015, backwards…