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if you want to know how the beautiful game of football should be played, just look at him on the pitch - pure class, excellent technique, silky touch and moves!

his game is like a showcasing of art =)

so it's no wonder why i (and i know most of you do) love him and just can't get enough of him - he's such a joy to watch!

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MOVISTAR - Exclusive Interview with David Silva 2014 

In this interview, David Silva talks about the following topics: 

- “Puyol has been a great reference, as a player and as a person.” 

- “I do not pay attention to Mourinho, I worry more on my coach.” 

- “Costa is a bit shy, but then the field is transformed.” 

- “Does the tie against Barca not ruling anything out? We went out of the way pissed.”

- “The Confederations gave a warning to the world.”



not really.

I’m sorry I can’t update this blog regularly no more. I’m just so busy with work and other stuffs.

But guess what? I think finding some time now so I might be back blogging and watching Silva play again.

chewing gum

And I miss him <3


David Silva and Sergio Aguero… i like to think they are friends


kolo :’)

David’s new avie on twitter (me likey)

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Am i the only guy here ? :D I mean he is handsome, but the way he plays is way more important. Dont you think so?
fluffy-davidsilva fluffy-davidsilva Said:

Welcome! It doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or a girl. If you love Silva then you’re in ;)